How to Extend the Life of our Car's Battery in Albuquerque, NW

How to Extend the Life of our Car's Battery

Ellis Hill's Blog | How to Extend the Life of our Car's Battery

Battery life is one of those things that just stick in the back of our minds, especially during the cold winter months.  The last thing you want is a car with a dead battery that has left you stranded out in the cold. Car batteries will typically last you four to six years. However, some factors could influence a change in that time frame such as weather conditions, vehicle type, or even how you drive your car.

We all have to change out our car’s battery but with a little love and care, it can last you a little longer. If you want to potentially double your car battery life, these simple steps will help you in doing just that.

  • Drive longer distances more frequently: Car batteries recharge at longer distances and will receive a full charge after eight hours of use, so it makes sense that frequent short trips could actually contribute to a shorter lifespan for car batteries. If your battery isn’t getting a full charge, crystalline deposits can form and can actually prevent the battery from receiving a proper full charge.
  • Keep it at a neutral temperature: Batteries typically can withstand most types of temperatures, but extreme hot (and extreme cold) can cause problems. Hot temperatures can cause battery fluid to evaporate, which can actually cause problems of overcharging. This actually decreases the lifespan of your battery. Colder temperatures will actually cause self-discharge, which will ultimately lead to a dead battery. The battery’s electrolytes can even freeze and cause issues internally and externally on the battery’s case. If your car is going to be idle during the winter months, it would be safe to find a space with a neutral temperature for the car.
  • Give it a good clean: It’s important to look for wear and corrosion on your battery. Corrosion happens when a white powder gets around the clamps of the battery. You can clean the clamps with baking soda, water, and a nonmetallic brush. It’s important to be doing this when your battery isn’t corroded. It’s also a great idea to make sure the connection from the cables to the clamps is always secure.


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